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New Sustainable Paper Mailers ♻

Make sure to enquire about our new range of sustainable online mailers!  Fully customisable to suit your needs, these satchels provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic online shippers.  They are also available with a water-resistant varnish so all your items are protected from the elements.  Contact us NOW to get your paper mailers! | (03) 9067 5677

COVID-19 Shipping Delays Update

Dear Valued Clients,   Firstly, the Wattle Team would like to thank you for your ongoing support during the past few months as COVID-19 still wreaks havoc across the world in both our personal and business lives. This period has undoubtably been inexplicably difficult for all of us, but hopefully with increased vaccinations being rolled out across the country and the world, a sense of normality will soon return to our communities.   However, as you may have heard, the shipping industry has been particularly impacted by the pandemic, causing shipping lines to take extreme measures in early 2020 to cut their losses and stay afloat. Though their measures may have been a little too extreme, these actions are now heavily impacting us all while shipping companies are openly reporting massive profits in the wake of their decisions.   The shipping industry is very much based on circularity and COVID-19 has caused huge disturbances in the global supply chain. One of the biggest challenges for t